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The success of Bodine School is most evident in our alumni. They came to us when they needed us most, learned to overcome their challenges, and have gone on to academic, professional, and personal success. We invite you to take a moment to read the story of one Bodine alum, David, below. To read additional alumni updates and receive information about alumni events, visit, where you can sign up to receive our quarterly Being Bodine newsletters!

Like many of our new students, David came to Bodine School in 2nd grade unable to read.

David, now an adult, represents hundreds of Bodine alumni who have dyslexia. But with Bodine's help, a door opened for David, and opportunities that once before seemed to be so daunting are now at his fingertips. And it's all because he learned how to do one simple yet crucial skill: he learned how to read.

"When I left Bodine, I was able to read," David shared. "Reading, in my opinion, is the building block to all other subjects, and Bodine gave me the ability to do that. They also gave me an increased confidence at school."

David's success doesn't end at Bodine. In fact, Bodine is just the beginning of the many accomplishments he has seen. After attending Bodine for 5 years, he transitioned to Fayette Academy and later finished his junior and senior years at St. Benedict. After high school, David attended Lambuth University and was in the top third of his class, an accomplishment that is hard to attain for any student, let alone for a student who copes with dyslexia. David went on to study American History as a graduate student at the University of Memphis and maintained a 3.9 GPA.

Yet, David's humble nature shines through as he focuses less on the success he's seen since Bodine, and more on what he hopes Bodine can continue to do for students today and in years to come.

"When I think of Bodine, I am extremely glad that it was available to me and that I had parents who were able to make that possible for me," David said as he reflected on how much Bodine helped him. "I hope Bodine works to reach even more students." With a desire to see others succeed, David points out that a positive attitude will go a long way.

"The one piece of advice that I have for other students is to remember that general setbacks are temporary," he said. "A lot of times I would get frustrated with a reading or writing assignment. In my mind, I made it out to be the end of the world. But remember, somehow the sun always rises the next day, so take your time. And even when it seems frustrating, keep at it. There's something to be said for finishing, whether a test or a paper. Even if you aren't making an A, it's better than giving up on it."

All this from a boy who, at 8 years old, couldn't read.


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