How to Apply

The Admissions Process


Thank you for your interest in Bodine School! Below is a general overview of our admissions process.

Step 1: Campus Tour

 Contact our Admissions Office at 901.754.1800 to schedule a tour of our campus.

Step 2: Online Application

 To apply to Bodine School, please use our online application by clicking here. Families are strongly encouraged to visit Bodine School prior to submitting an application.

After submitting an application, you will be asked to submit a copy of psychoeducational test results administered within the last 3 years. Also include any other evaluation reports such as speech/language evaluations and occupational therapy reports.

Step 3: Student Visit

If the applicant appears to be an appropriate candidate for Bodine School, he/she will be invited to spend one to two days visiting Bodine School. While visiting, the student will follow a regular school schedule and be evaluated by school staff. Students who apply when school is not in session will be scheduled for assessments.

Admission to Bodine School is determined by the Admissions Committee. If it is felt that Bodine School is not the best resource for your child, every effort will be made to provide guidance toward a suitable alternative.

Step 4: Enrollment & Waiting Pool

Bodine School offers a written enrollment contract to qualified candidates for whom space exists. Enrollment is complete when the signed contract and tuition deposit are returned to the school. Bodine School maintains a waiting pool for qualified applicants when no openings exist. Students in the waiting pool will be admitted as openings occur in the program.

Bodine School welcomes and admits qualified students regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic identity, or place of national origin. Bodine School is designed specifically for high potential students whose primary diagnosis is a specific reading disability. Bodine School does not admit students who struggle in school because of behavioral difficulties, severe attention problems, moderate to severe receptive and expressive language deficits or less than average intellectual abilities.


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