Anyone from the business world will tell you that they, at some point in their career, sat in a conference to brainstorm ideas, with only one rule of thumb: "Think outside the box."

Why is it that we so often hear this phrase in the "real world," yet when it comes to educating our children, we expect them all to fit into the same box? The expectation is that all children will receive the same approach to the curriculum, the same teaching and testing style, the same set of rules for grading their performance. At Bodine, we are not interested in more of the same.

We know different learning demands different teaching.

The dyslexic mind clearly thrives when given the opportunity to think differently. More than 35% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic. Many inventors, actors, musicians, and other leaders in the business world are dyslexic. Why are they so successful?

Simple. They embrace the phrase, "Think outside the box."

Bodine School has been working hard for 45 years to give students with dyslexia and other reading-based learning differences the tools, the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to think outside the box.

At Bodine School, we have been offering our students an academic advantage since 1972. We are eager for you to learn more about our programs, and we invite you to join us in thinking outside the box!


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