Tuition Help

We know the investment made in a child’s education is a big commitment. Our tuition is competitively priced for the transformative, individualized, life-changing program that we deliver, and we want to work with every family to make a Bodine education a possibility.

For more information about tuition, please contact our Admissions Office by calling (901) 203-3872.

Tuition Assistance

Each year, Bodine School assesses the needs of families who apply for financial aid. This assistance is offered without regard to race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. A request for financial assistance information does not influence the decision to accept or decline a student for admission to Bodine School. This information is not considered during the admissions process. We do our best to allocate funds to families who apply on an as-needed basis.

Bodine School utilizes TADS to assist schools in making financial aid decisions. Once a student becomes a candidate for admission, the amount that his/her family is expected to pay is determined by financial need and the availability of funds. To determine the financial need of a family, the applicant’s parents/guardians are required to submit a detailed financial statement. Parents who wish to apply for financial aid should complete a financial aid application through TADS. Families must apply for financial aid each year. Decisions made do not impact the allocation of funds in future years. For more information, please contact our Business Manager at (901) 203-3881.

Your Tuition Solution

With a fixed-rate payment plan through Your Tuition SolutionSM, paying for your child’s education is easier than ever. Payment plans through Your Tuition Solution provide a wide range of options designed to comfortably fit into your monthly budget. To learn more about Your Tuition Solution’s flexible plans, compare payment options or apply online, visit today.