Bodine House System

Upon joining Bodine, every student, faculty and staff member is sorted into one of four Houses within Bodine’s House System. The Houses of Bodine are named after four prominent dyslexics. Through their innovative thinking and creative approaches, they didn’t just impact our world; they changed it.

The purpose of Bodine’s House System is to:

  • enhance the sense of pride at Bodine
  • reinforce the school culture and values
  • encourage a healthy, competitive environment
  • promote multi-grade level interaction
  • reward students for their hard work and effort
  • empower students to embrace the advantages of their ability to think differently

House of Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest artists and thinkers of all time. Not only did he create some of the most famous paintings, he also made amazing advances in science and technology. He wrote all of his notes and journals backwards, so many people doubted his brilliance.

House of Einstein

Albert Einstein was the greatest scientist of all time. After failing his first university entrance exam, he went on to change the world of physics forever with his theories of relativity and the mass-energy equivalence or E=MC2 . Einstein changed the way we think about space, time and matter.

House of Jobs

Steve Jobs was a visionary. Though he had a very difficult time in school and dropped out of college, he started one of the most successful companies of all time – Apple. He revolutionized the way people communicate and today his products are used all over the world.

House of Edison

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors who developed many devices that changed our world. He overcame a lot as a child, even his teacher sending him home with a note stating that he was “too stupid to learn.” Not only did he create the light bulb, he also invented the phonograph and the motion picture camera.

The House Cup

The Houses are embraced by students, faculty and staff as everyone works together to demonstrate teamwork, tenacity and good sportsmanship during the various activities throughout the year. House members earn points all year in a variety of ways, including House competitions, daily homework completion, campus citizenship, and more. On the last day of school in May, the House with the most cumulative points is awarded the prestigious House Cup. Congratulations to the House of DaVinci, winner of the House Cup for the 2022-2023 school year!