Our Board

About Our Board

The Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of the school and is responsible for developing and approving the school’s mission, strategic goals and objectives, and establishing policies related to programs and services.  The Board’s voting members serve five-year terms and are led by a chairperson who serves a two-year term. Board meetings are held bi-monthly and members serve on one of four committees: Executive, Finance, Institutional Advancement, and Governance. The Head of School is responsible for the faculty, staff and administration of the daily programs and services of the school.  The Head of School reports directly to the Chairperson and Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Kirby May, Board Chair


John Gallina

Jennifer Guenther

Josh Littlejohn

Al Lyons

Mary McDonald

Barry Marshall

Harriet Michael

Jane Hart Morgan

Philip Moser

Rachel Wall

Emily Walpole

Gina Weathersby

Tanda Grisham-Williams

Beth Meisinger, Parent Board Representative