Bodine Bash

Bodine Bash Week: February 21-27, 2021

Planning for our first virtual Bodine Bash has begun! In the best interest of our community’s health and safety, our 2021 Bodine Bash will be an online auction week from February 21-27.  

New to Bodine this year? Check out this “About the Bodine Bash” guide.

This year’s theme, “Through Their Eyes,” has a student-centric and mission-driven focus. The symbol inside the eye’s iris is the pqbd symbol for dyslexia with the colors of our four Houses of Bodine School. Our goal is to give our supporters more insight into what it’s like to learn and live with dyslexia all week long through our social media presence.

If you have questions or would like to get involved through our Bodine Bash Committee, please call Gretchen Klobucar at (901) 203-3870 or email

This year’s Bodine Bash Auction Co-Chairs are:

Kati Campbell and Regina Heimbach